The Book Games are a first-of-its-kind Layer 2 NFT created by Gary Vaynerchuk, linking to his best-selling book, Twelve and a Half. Connect your wallet and play!


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Meet the Tokens

BOOK GAMES 📖 tokens are 16 drawn artworks encased in one of the five VeeFriends Spectacular rarities Bubblegum, Lava, Diamond, Gold, and Hologram. Each token artwork is also framed in 1 of 15 randomly generated frames. The combination of 16 original artworks, 5 Spectacular rarities, and 15 different frames creates a possible combination of 1,200 different BOOK GAME token rarity types.

Connect to ImmutableX

  1. Connect to by clicking Connect Wallet at the top right corner of the site.
  2. View the Immutable X connection portal found on the right hand side and click “Claim BOOK GAMES” tokens to begin your claimed airdrop
  3. Once you have claimed your BOOK GAMES tokens, click “View Your BOOK GAMES Token Inventory” to view your token(s) on TokenTrove
  4. Read BOOK GAMES Gameplay and Rules and let the games begin!